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thorough and honest Added On: September 10th, 2009
Posted By: Matthew Bratcher Website: My Facebook

I had two companies come out to give check out my A/C system. The first one came, looked at the outside unit and told me, “its shot you need a whole new system” and the second company just came didn’t even open up anything and started trying to pitch me a seven thousand dollar system. I called Terry and he came out in person and disassembled my old unit and checked it component by component to find out what was wrong. Turned out the compressor was seizing up and several of the connections were blown, but the fact that he took the time to show me what was wrong rather than confusing me with technical jargon was what sold me on Dallas Cool Air. When he emailed me the estimates (he priced two different options for me) they were hands down the best price I’d been offered. They were prompt, efficient, and thorough with the installation and I can’t tell you how happy I am I found this company! I will recommend them to anyone.

excellent service Added On: January 10th, 2009
Posted By: Ray

Fast and reasonable. Very satisfied.

Thank you Added On: June 15th, 2007
Posted By: Jean Ann
I had two other companies tell me I needed a whole new system just because it was rather old.  I know I will need a new system at some point over the next few years.  Dallas Cool Air found a small freon leak, and I was up and running in only a few hours.

When it's time for a new system, I know who to trust!  Thanks again to my serviceman for being so polite & honest...

Jean Ann
Euless, Tx

loose wire Added On: June 10th, 2007
Posted By: Richard Brumley

The young man they sent out was extremely knowledgeable and repaired our system fast. He found and repaired a loose wire on a capacitor. We were so relieved that this wasn’t another company trying to sell us a new system that we didn’t need.

evaporator motor Added On: June 8th, 2007
Posted By: Minc Lounge Website: Minc Lounge

Very professional company to deal with. They replaced a bad evaporator fan motor and now it works as good as new. They were fast, professional, courteous, and very reasonable on their prices.