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TD Check

A properly operating airconditioner should have a consistent temperature split across the return and evaporator coil. A desired split would range between 16 to 21 degrees F.

To obtain a TD split:

Place a thermometer in a grill or plenum closest to the air handler and another thermometer close to the return air filter. Allow system to run for 15 or 20 minutes and stabilize and for thermometers to get an accurate reading. The difference in the two thermometers will be the split.

For example:

Thermometer at return air is 75 degrees F.


Thermometer at plenum or grill is 55 degrees F.

75 - 55 = 20

You have a 20 degree split.

It is very important to use a quality digital thermometer to get an accurate reading.

Do not use a laser infrared thermometer. These are not nearly accurate enough to get a good reading and will usually give a different split each time.





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