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Leak Repair

After successfully locating a freon leak our technician will be able to make a repair and stop further refrigerant loss as well as reduce chances of equipment failure. Most leaks are repaired using a torch and 15% or 7% silver solder brazing rods unless the leak is in the compressor terminal seal or deep in the tube sheets of a coil in which case the compressor or coil will need to be replaced.

Steps necessary for leak repair:

  • Recovery of refrigerant (remove old refrigerant)
  • Actual repair
  • Vacuum lines (remove air from sealed system)
  • Re charge unit with new refrigerant

Repairing freon leaks will save money due to:

  • No need to add refrigerant again since leak is fixed
  • Unit will run less saving electricity
  • equipment will last longer instead of prematurely failing





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