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Electrical Components Check
TD Check
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Inspect Belts
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Inspect Motors
Inspect Compressors
Inspect All Contacts
Inspect Air Filters
Inspect Heat Strips
Inspect Pilot Assembly
Inspect Thermostat
Amp Draw Motors/Compressors

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Electrical Components Check

During routine inspection all electrical components should always be checked for any obvious signs of possible failure. This saves money on future service calls and reduces expensive equipment failure as an inexpensive part can often ruin other more expensive components upon failure costing your more money in labor and parts.

Typical components checked:

  • Capacitors checked for swelling or leaks
  • Contactor checked for burnt or sticking contacts
  • Relays
  • Sequencers for heat
  • Heat strips
  • Limit switches
  • Loose or burnt wires
  • Start Assit if installed
  • Fan motors checked for oil and amp draw
  • Compressors checked for proper amp draw

These are standard items that any good airconditioning company will check while servicing your airconditioner or heater.





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