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Clean Condensation Pans

Condensation pans will become very dirty and accumulate dirt, slime, sludge, and mildew or mold. A dirty pan can clog condensation drain lines causing a flood in your home. Even when pans are equipped with float switches to shut the system down incase of clogged lines a flood can still occur if the switch does not function.

Items checked on condensation pans:

  • Cracked or leaky pan
  • Rusted or hole in pan
  • Excessive dirt or sludge in pan
  • Properly operating float switch
  • Pan properly leveled
  • Pan properly draining all water (prevents mold)

An improperly draining pan will allow water to get stagnant causing mold growth and a dirty sock smell in your home. Properly cleaning and leveling pans will prevent most of these problems. In some cases Ultraviolet lights can be installed in the coil that will kill most bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Some systems may not have a float switch installed in which case we would recommend that you have us install a switch for you to help protect your home from costly floods.





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